A place to cultivate your whole health


Waiheke Osteopaths is a place to heal from structural issues, injury and pain. In close partnership with you, caring professionals can cultivate your whole health into better balance. Our goal is your goal – to help you be the best you can be. Every practitioner here shares the knowledge that our bodies are amazing and designed to heal themselves with the right nurture. We provide that steady respectful cultivation of health in a safe environment.

Our common ground is our respected experience and the heart with which we approach our work. In both the Osteopathy and Acupuncture disciplines we are taught that everything is connected. So we deal with the whole body, and the whole context of your life, not just the obvious presenting symptoms.


Professional Experts

An Osteopathy degree includes a similiar depth of training in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and clinical sciences as a medical doctor. The health philosophy behind Osteopathy is a specialist one that treats the body as a dynamic whole. The techniques we use are supported by science and come from the safest base of thorough knowledge and training.


Deep Focus & Care

Osteopathy is very much Science plus Heart. We meet you on all levels. You will be treated with respect and educated and inspired to care for your health in your own way. Osteopaths gently tune into your system. It takes a certain kind of presence as well as expertise to listen, touch and respond to what is going on in your body and being.


Assessment & Healing

Our hands on work is the practical application of science and heart. Diagnosis and treatment are carried out with our hands and the use of specialised orthopaedic testing. We use touch, manipulation, stretching, cranial and other techniques to support your body’s own healing mechanisms. We are working with the relationships of all the systems in the body.


Eileen Glover

Eileen Glover


Eileen is a Graduate of RMIT Melbourne. She is passionate about Osteopathy and has spent many years inspiring students in best practise in her role as an internationally respected Osteopathic Educator and Examiner. For over sixteen years she has worked with universities within their clinical programmes and as an examiner alongside running her busy island practise. In her broad experience she has worked closely with everyone from sports professionals to newborn babies.  She has a special interest in assisting people to maintain their health and flexability as they age. Eileen enjoys the island life and motherhood to the full – she loves improv, kayaking and food as medicine.

“Osteopathy made sense to me. I wanted to do medicine with my hands, and when I discovered Osteopathy after a car accident, and felt what it can do – that was it, it was my path! There is nothing better than seeing results every day. I feel genuinely grateful to have such meaningful work.”









Liam Henry-Davison

Liam Henry-Davison


Liam has completed a bachelors degree and a Masters in Osteopathy through Victoria University and has a background in psychology and mindful meditation. Studying Psychology at Otago University has also given him an understanding of stress and mental illness.

He has a strong belief in the mind-body connection and the value in being able to bring quiet and relaxation to both the body and mind.


We think of ourselves as Caretakers, (Kaitiaki) of your health.

We apply our knowledge and expertise while creating the opportunity for waking up the body’s natural healing – then find ways to make that lasting. We genuinely make you feel at ease.

“The healing successes at our clinic are as much to do with our philosophy as our specialist techniques.”
Eileen Glover


  • Osteopathy is ACC registered. You can make your own appointment with or without a referral from your Doctor.
  • Your initial 1 hour consultation will also include your first treatment.
  • Your health issues will be discussed and history notes will be taken.
  • Your Osteopath will physically examine you and it may be necessary to remove some clothing to carry out the assessment. Naturally, your privacy will be respected.
  • Simple stretches and movements will provide an accurate analysis of your posture and mobility.
  • Your joints, ligaments and tissues will be assessed using a specialised technique of touch called palpation.
  • A treatment plan will be proposed which may include home exercise programs, dietary and lifestyle changes.


A five year Osteopathy Degree includes a similiar depth of training in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and clinical sciences as a medical doctor.  With training in orthopaedics, pathology, neurology and muskuloskeletal mediciene we can assess you medically as well as osteopathically. Our assessments take into account the dynamic unity of a person – not just the body mechanics and musculoskeletal system, and not just the presenting symptom.

Everything in the body is inter-related.

An injury in the neck can create symptoms in our arms and hands, and visa versa, a frozen shoulder will limit the movement of the neck. An inflamed gut can give you back pain. Stress does affect numerous functions of the body in addition to one’s mood. Whatever the issue, Osteopaths know the best techniques to help the body gently back to balance.

Growing awareness of the broad effectiveness of Osteopathy.

Often Osteopathy can make the difference to having surgery or not as this case study shows (link) and it is a drug free way to support your immune system. In the case of healing trauma (trauma can be stored within the body) Osteopathy is now widely recognised as very effective. Studies in of patients in hospital in the USA, showed those who received osteopathic care for injuries recovered faster than those who did not (from a study in the 1950’s).

The Science & Safety is Compelling. And in real life, it works.

Everything that Osteopathy achieves is done safely and naturally. One of the most amazing things about Osteopathic Medicine is how practitioners are trained to feel and interpret delicate changes in all body tissues. As well as being trained in scientific diagnosis, they listen to the subtle tissue health signs in the body. They reinstate health through a gentle hands-on approach.

People Orientated, Not Disease orientated.

It’s your life and potential we are most interested in, even though we are thoroughly trained to be able to make a scientifically based diagnosis. We cultivate the innate healing process within you and give you the tools to get better and maintain that new balance as much as possible. All of us at Waiheke Osteopaths are proud to not just change the mechanics of the people’s bodies, but to change lives.

Grounded professionals

All of the Osteopaths here recognise the importance of our own groundedness and self-care. We don’t superimpose our belief systems. We listen with our hands and respond to what the body tells us.

Extend your thinking on what Osteopathy can do.

Osteopathy is well known for its successes with back pain and sports injuries, and it is well known as playing a significant role in pain management and stress management. Many come to Osteopaths for “essential health maintenance.”

Here is a list of some of the things Osteopathy can help:


  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • sciatica
  • headaches and migraines
  • jaw pain and TMJ syndromes
  • pain resulting from motor vehicle accidents
  • pain resulting from over-use and sports injuries
Pregnancy Issues

  • back pain
  • digestive upset
  • edema and swelling

Systemic Problems

  • neurological syndromes
  • digestive disorders
  • genitourinary problems
  • chronic infectious disease
  • circulatory problems


  • colic
  • spitting up
  • sucking difficulty
  • delayed development
  • birth trauma
  • otitis media


  • asthma
  • bronchitis
  • pleurisy
  • allergies
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Problems
  • chronic ear infections
  • recurrent sore throats
  • frequent colds
  • glaucoma
  • sinusitis
  • tinnitus



Phone: 027 372 8288

Address: 32B Tahi Rd, Ostend, Waiheke Island, 1081

Waiheke Osteopaths

Contact Us:

Phone: 027 372 8288
Address: 32B Tahi Rd, Ostend, Waiheke Island

Opening Hours:

We are open Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Appointments outside these hours can be arranged directly with individual practitioners.


Initial consultation (up to 1hr): $120

Follow up (standard) consultation (30 to 40 mins): $90

Children: $80

All consultations will include time to discuss your history, issues, treatment plan etc

ACC consultations incur a surcharge:
Adult $55 and Child $35 (both Initial & Standard consultations)